Lotta Axing

Enjoying Every Minute

I am a Swedish photographer living in Stockholm and now I frequently travel to Bahrain where my husband works. Before this, we lived in Nanyuki, Kenya, for one and a half years and somehow I left my heart there among monkeys, wildlife, spectacular nature and the kindest people.

For a photographer, it is an amazing privilege to travel between cultures, so my interest in travel photography is sort of a given. When I first came to Kenya with its sceneries and extraordinary wildlife I fell helplessly in love and wildlife photography became my sincere passion.

I have studied photography at University but my knowledge of it really comes from a long life, always with a camera tagging along. It is only recently that my lifelong hobby has become my new profession. Before this, I have worked in the Swedish Film Industry for 25 years, but leaving Sweden to move abroad 2010, opened up for new possibilities.

I am one of the founders of Lingon Photo a group of currently 9 brilliant Swedish female photographers living all over the world as well as in Sweden and we are slowly but steadily expanding our group. It is an amazing network, we all have our own speciality within photography but are united by our joy for photography.

I see life from the positive side and see good in both man and animal, I think that might show in my photography. My colours usually come out crisp and bright, I love composition and straight lines ;-). If there is a story to tell that is great, but I am just as happy with a beautiful view or a fun detail. Moving to Africa I think photographing animals and wildlife really is where my heart is, and if I can capture some sort of emotion, that’s when I am the happiest. However, back once again in the Middle East, there is nothing like the desert, the sand dunes and camels. Pure love.

To travel with the camera helps me to really see, it is like a treasure hunt discovering a new place. The pictures are memories saved and the best souvenir to bring home I think. The more you see, the more you want to see. I love long walks with my camera in new places or road trips with a good map and no plans. My dad started this, he really enjoys reading a map and coined the question: “I wonder what is around the next corner”. Growing up, I used to love that exploring and I still do, now it has become a part of who I am. To get to know a new country is such a thrill. There are many corners to look around along the way and so many things too experience.

I am a Nikon fan, my camera now is D810. That camera really can do magic – if I just do my things right… i like that about photography, that it’s a lifelong learning. A journey.

Love Lotta